Review: LEGO Bricks & More Deluxe Brick Box

First there was the LEGO Ultimate Building Set, with 405 pieces for your child to work with. But more parents are now opting for the LEGO Bricks and More Deluxe Brick Box. It looks just like the other box, only bigger and filled with much more fun! Your child gets two of the mini figurine LEGO people as part of the 704 pieces. In addition to the usual bricks that allow your child to build whatever his or heart desires, they also get the specialty pieces like windows and doors for houses and wheels for transportation items. Of course the set comes with a basic building plate for the base, but you may want to buy more of these separately if your child needs more room to build than the single square pallet. One of the neat things about this Deluxe set is that it comes with something helpful other sets don't have ñ a tool that helps you separate the bricks! No more trouble rearranging your work. It also has some very inspiring sample projects included in the set that you can try (some families try them all out). And there are instructions for building these projects, too. Or, if your child prefers, he or she can start from scratch! When you shop online, you'll see some of the really cute projects others have built. Some are obviously inspired by the mind of a child building for fun, but others are well thought out, like the zoo building with Mom and baby giraffe and elephant. It's amazing what you can do with a set of LEGOs! Your child can build a variety of house, trees, boats, vehicles, airplanes, and animals. If he gets a specialty set in one of the other LEGO lines, he can merge the sets together or just borrow from the Deluxe set if he wants to add more elements to his specialty one. There are the LEGO Star Wars sets that have all of the famous vehicles in them such as the Star Fighter, the characters that have become pop icons like the Clone Troopers or the Droids, and the major sets like the Death Star environment. Another popular line is the Ninjago LEGOs. There are ninjas and fighter vehicles and weapons of every kind that your mind can imagine. Precious prizes are included where one stealth ninja steals it and the good one pursues him to recover it. For girls (and boys) there are the LEGO Friends sets. This is built around Olivia and her friends - including animal pals that are in most of the sets. You can build an entire city filled with veterinarian offices, salons, and more!


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